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We develop a customized marketing strategy for your business based on your unique goals and needs

The Platinum 3-Step Process

Step One - Evaluation

Jumping straight to implementation will result in wasted time, money and resources. Don't commit to new services for your business without a thorough evaluation of your current situation... future needs... business goals... and well defined measure of success. Once you've identified your weak spots and determined your ultimate goals, then and only then can you begin to define a digital marketing strategy.

Step Two - The Strategy

Once your current situation and goals have been well defined, we can begin formulating a digital marketing strategy to fit your needs, timeline and budget. All these elements must be considered in order to set priorities for implementation. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we will ensure the right services, systems and processes are employed to help you reach your goals.

Step Three - Implementation

By now we've identified the systems and services you need to quickly, efficiently and economically reach the goals we established in the evaluation and strategy phases. Our team will deliver the work and ultimately the desired results based on the predetermined timeline and budget. Ongoing measurements, reporting and evaluations will be put into action to ensure all processes are on track.

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Comprehensive Marketing Services

It's no secret...

Now more than ever, the success of your business is dependent on the internet.

Findability and Visibility

  • Prospects search online to find products, services and businesses to solve a problem or fill a need.
  • If prospects can't easily find your business, whether online or in the real world, then you simply don't exist... that customer will go to a competitor.
The easiest prospect you'll ever convert is the one who finds you when they are proactively searching for the products and services you offer. They are willing to do business with you... all you have to do is show up and be found.

Lack of online visibility is like locating a store in the back of a long, dark alley. You miss the easy foot traffic and very few people will ever search long and hard enough to find you. You can still get new business through word of mouth, referrals and by delivering great products and services but you're missing out on significant growth from new prospects who don't know about you yet.

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Local Business Optimization

Online, your business can be found through Paid Ads, Mapped Results, Organic Results and Social Media.

If you are a local business, you have three ways to be found in the Google search results... Google Adwords (Paid Ads), Local Mapped Results and Organic Results... whether your main website, secondary sites, third party sites, videos and video distribution sites as well as other digital assets, whether under your control or delivered through a third party.

According to numerous studies, the majority of people click on the links ranking near the top of the search results, with nearly all clicks going to those links listed on page one of the search results. That's why it is so important for your business to be ranked high in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for search terms, keywords and phrased related to the products and services you provide.

If you're a local business, the easiest, most effective and cost efficient method to get page one placement is to optimize your local business listing so you company is listed in the top three spots for your main business category and other related search terms and phrases.

Other strategies we recommend to secure top placement include Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and expansion of the digital assets under your control... multiple lead generation websites, informative videos and other websites.

Drive more traffic and connect with more prospects by building as many online doorways into your business as you possibly can

Online Reputation Marketing

Studies show that more and more people are reading reviews about your business before making a decision. In fact, more than 90% of consumers regularly read online reviews to learn more about a business.

It has been shown that nearly 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Since over 85% of consumers are searching and/or researching online prior to making a purchase decision, it's imperative that your company has a stellar Five Star reputation.

A consumer reads up to 10 reviews prior to making a purchase decision and puts the most trust on those businesses with at least six to ten current reviews.

Online Reputation Plus Video

A combination of multiple digital marketing systems is an extremely effective strategy for expanding your online visibility while controlling what prospects find about your business.

Online reviews, videos, secondary websites and content on third party websites can become valuable digital assets for your business, even increasing the value should you decide to sell at some point.

Every business should have a process for securing a consistent flow of new online reviews. You can leverage those five star reviews by creating review videos, optimizing the videos for maximum visibility then syndicating the videos to your own website, social media sites, third party sites and video distribution websites.

Leverage your online reviews

When your business is referred by a current customer, client or patient... the first thing most prospects do is to go online and research your reputation. Digital assets such as review videos help ensure your five star reviews and testimonials are most prominently placed and found high in the search results.

Don't let one or two less than perfect reviews ruin your online reputation... proactively take action and control what is found about your business online

Platinum Preeminence

Hundreds of keywords, phrases and search terms... highly relevant content... laser focused geographical targeting... results in multiple page one rankings in your target market area which drives more customers, clients and patients to your business

Dominate Page One Results

The key to securing more business, regardless of the industry, is to create, control and position as many digital doorways to your business as you possibly can... then push those doorways (links) to prominence when prospects are searching for a solution to their problem.

We've already stated the statistics that show over 90% of the clicks related to an online search will go to those links positioned on page one of the search results. So it only makes sense that if you control multiple links on page one, you are significantly increasing your chance of leading a prospect to your business.

We've developed a proprietary process that works extremely well for securing multiple page one results for searches that combine relevancy with geographical targeting... that is, if your business is dependent on connecting with prospects in a specific location, we can develop a strategy for you that is nearly certain to control most of the listings on page one of the search results, even for highly competitive search terms, keywords and phrases.

We have found that many locations within a market area are often overlooked and under served by the "SEO experts".

We leverage the concept of "long tail keywords" and apply a similar strategy to the outlying locations in your market area. Instead of targeting five to ten keywords, which is the typical strategy and pricing model for most SEO firms, we target hundreds of keywords, phrases and terms and blanket every inch of your market area.

The result is like having hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of billboards, prominently placed on every highway, road, street and intersection in your market area... with each billboard displaying just the right message to be highly relevant to your target audience.

Page one dominance...
without the typical high price!

Works for almost any industry...

  • HVAC Repair
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Mortgage
  • Legal
  • Towing
  • Any Business With Local Prospects

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Combine website optimization strategies with video optimization strategies for even better results

Let us show you how you can dominate your local market area with our unique Platinum Preeminence Package

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